Climate changes across the World dictate we start thinking about protecting & preserving our River & Beach fronts

Marine and Riverbank construction and protection solutions from Drilmatic 

In coastal engineering, including inland reclamation, harbor construction, estuary improvement, marine dredging and coastline protection, various marine and coastal structures, from seawalls, revetments, groynes to breakwaters, are commonly built to reduce the impact of waves, tides or storm surges. With the increasing public awareness to protect the environment, the demand of marine and coastal engineering projects is not only to build the structures but also to manage marine and coastal environment. Through the real performance of marine and coastal projects ACE geosynthetics products are used, ACE Geosynthetics substantially promotes cost-saving and easy-installation approaches in harmony with nature.

Seawalls and Bulkheads

Seawalls, as wave-proof structures built along the shoreline, are important hydraulic structures to withstand waves, tides or surges for protection of inhabited land and people. Seawall structures incorporating with high-strength and flexible ACETube® geotextile tubes and ACETex® geotextiles as filtration and erosion control geosynthetic fabric adapt to almost any shoreline curve, dip and juncture.


Breakwaters restore and protect shorelines by interrupting wave energy, and allowing sand to accumulate along the coast. Compared with rock fill, durable polypropylene or polyester ACETube® geotextile tubes with on-site fill cut costs by reducing material outsourcing and transportation.

Groynes and Jetties

Maintaining or nourishing depleted beach levels is efficiently achieved by installing ACETube® perpendicular to shorelines to create beach remediating groynes or jetties. The ACETube® structures disrupt longshore currents and accumulate sediment, that sustains the existing coastline. Furthermore, the ecofriendly geotextile materials adapt to the marine environment, attracting fresh aquatic plant and animal life.


Revetment structures are built to protect slopes, banks or cliffs against erosion. Geosynthetics have multifunctional purposes in coastal revetment construction including toe scour protection, filtration, drainage, and separation with revetment designs that integrate ACETex® geotextile or ACETube® geotextile tube structures and additionally surface erosion control or stabilization with ACEFormer™ geotextile mattresses.

Pier Scour Protectors

Any structures installed in marine conditions are eventually exposed and weakened by the continuous effects of scour at its foundation. Flexible ACETube® geotextile tubes or ACEBag™ geotextile bags hug bridge piers and other monopile or gravity foundations, barring the underwater shearing of soil around the piers. The protection methods employed are further fortified with protective ACEFormer™ geotextile mattresses cover.