Geogrids for slope stabilisation

Drilmatic and its partner, ACE Geosynthetics implementation of Geogrids for Slope Stabilisation

Geogrid products

Geogrids are high tension polymeric meshes mainly used for soil reinforcement applications, which can provide high tensile strengths soils lack of. ACEGrid®, the registered trademark of ACE Geosynthetics for all its geogrid products, are offered in many types with different fabrication methods, materials, configurations, and coatings for diverse engineering requirements in the applications of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE), Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS), basal reinforcement, road construction, mining, etc.

Flexible Woven PET Geogrids for Soil Reinforcement
Flame-Retardant Polymer Grids for Mining Protection
Woven PET Geogrids with Durable and Environmentally Friendly Coating for Soil Reinforcement
Fiberglass Geogrids coated with Bitumen for Road Asphalt Reinforcement
Extruded Biaxial PP Geogrids for Base Reinforcement and Subgrade Stabilization
Extruded Uniaxial HDPE Geogrids for Soil Reinforcement
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Applications of the Geogrid suite of products


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