Learn more about Drilmatic's approach to the Road Construction sector in Africa

Road design & Construction solutions from Drilmatic 

Transportation is the main channel to connect cities and deliver goods, so traffic infrastructures are always important for country development. Not only new transport systems need to be constructed but also existing roads, highways, railways and bridges also need to be renovated or upgraded due to road quality or maintenance.

Bridges design & construction

Gegeosynthetics drastically cuts costs and construction time in designing and erecting bridges. The reinforced earth retains the embankment adjacent to the bridge while supporting the superstructure and traffic loads,

Subgrade Stabilization

Geotextile fabric separates the base courses of roadways from the native subgrade layer,while simultaneously enhancing its bearing capacity

Base Reinforcement

materials embedded in between the sublayers of roads evenly distribute traffic loads and constrain deformation throughout the base courses to strengthen the entire pavement system and extend the system lifespan.

Pavement improvement

Applying the bitumen coated glass fiber from Drilmatic to the flexible asphalt layer of pavements, curbs the formation of these cracks by dispersing the stresses from vehicular loads horizontally and confining the expansion of soil during annual fluctuations in temperatures.

Road widening

geosynthetics seamlessly stabilize and reinforce the pavement and ground adjacent to preexisting roads for economical, durable roadways in any environment