Geotextile Bags, Tubes and Containers

Drilmatic and its partner, ACE Geosynthetics implementation

ACETube - Hydraulic_structures
ACETube® geotextile tubes are monolithic-tubular containers fabricated by multiple pieces of highly engineered synthetic woven fabrics
ACETube - Dewatering_system
ACETube® dewatering tubes are tubular-shaped containers fabricated by multiple pieces of engineered woven fabrics with excellent filtration characteristics.
ACEContainer™ are monolithic geotextile containers designed to fit in split barge and pour in sediment sand or other ground materials to form a bulk for constructing hydraulic structures, filling holes or dredging.
ACEBag™ are highly robust geotextile bags( also known as geobags, sand bags or geotextile sand containers) for forming temporary or permanent structures in hydraulic and geotechnical engineering, erosion control and facility protection
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Applications of the Geotextile Bags, Tubes and Containers suite of products


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