Learn more about Drilmatic's approach to the mining sector in Africa

Exploration Solutions from Drilmatic 

The mining industry covers various engineering fields, such as geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, mining engineering, transportation and harbor projects. ACE Geosynthetics offers safe, economical, effecient and environmentally friendly alternative solutions for the mining industry. From the stage of mineral exploration, and mining operation to mine closure, ACE Geosynthetics products are suitable for road stabilization, dust control, platform construction, mineral transport and environmental remediation.

Exploration Solutions from Drilmatic 

Longwall Mine Strata Support  Longwall mining integrates hydraulic ceiling supports to prevent caving and control

subsidence of the strata above tunnel mines however, smaller rock fragments slip through openings between these supports jeopardizing mine workers lives and disrupting the flow of material extraction.

Rockfall Prevention Embankment Solutions from Drilmatic

Flexible, energy absorbent mechanically stabilized earth embankments constructed with specialised geosynthetic materials installed at the foot of slopes impede rockfall events and prevent fallen rocks from obstructing roadways and other transportation paths to mine infrastructures.

Bulk Materials Packaging and Transport Solutions from Drilmatic

The high-strength geotextile fabric containment system collects loose materials from crusher heads and other conveyor arrangements to simplify the handling and transport of mine ores or coal.

Tailing Dewatering Solutions from Drilmatic

Mineral heavy mine tailings are often challenging to refine and transport for disposal. Our dewatering structures separate the wastewater constituent of the tailings sludge from the fine solid particles suspended within it.