Soil stability is at the core of modern cost effective construction projects. Learn more about the Drilmatic approach

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Earth Stabilisation protection solutions from Drilmatic 

Earthwork construction primarily aims to take care of the earth, for instance, how to stabilize the soil and how to control soil erosion. ACE Geosynthetics has plentiful experience dealing with various geotechnical situations. Whether mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) structures that provide hilly slope protection or foundation improvement systems that provide soft soil enhancement can be done with ACE Geosynthetics products in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way with innovative and easy installation solutions.

Slope protection

Our quick and reliable earth stabilization systems incorporate geogrids and geotextiles which are suitable for supporting and maintaining almost any slope geometry.

Basal reinforcement

geotextiles and geogrids enhance the bearing capacity of unstable foundations and enables swift construction without tedious soil treatments or exhaustive soil replacements.

Slope erosion control

Enhance slope filtration, stabilization and promote vegetation growth with our series of erosion control geosynthetic fabrics for superior soil and rock slope erosion resistance.

Flood Detention

Wrapped-around reinforced retaining wall constructed with geogrids is used to build the detention basin, which can directly employ in-situ excavated soils; moreover due to it easy installation, the construction cost and time can be greatly reduced, and reach the balance of earthwork

Dam construction & maintenance

a wide variety of geosynthetics in virtually all types of dams is discussed and examples given of functions such as filtration, transmission, erosion control, reinforcement, waterproofing and interface function