Drainage and Lining Product Portfolio

Drilmatic and its partner, ACE Geosynthetics implementation

ACEDrain™ G
ACEDrain™ G geonets have been extensively used in civil structures such as embankment, landfill and roadway for drainage and separation requirements
ACEDrain™ S
ACEDrain™ S is a drainage geocomposite consisting of a planar core wrapped with a gray polyester nonwoven geotextile
ACELiner™ Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are hydraulic barriers consisting of three or four layers of materials. They can be used for both barrier and containment requirements, such as landfill liners and caps, channel liners and ponds, etc.
ACEMembrane™ geomembranes offer sufficient tensile strength and high resistance to puncture, tear, cracking, UV and chemicals with relatively small thicknesses
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Applications of the Drainage & Lining suite of products


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