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There have been a cumulative 375 fatal landslides in East Africa between January 2004 & May 2020. See what we are doing about it.

Geosynthetics technology to save lives 

About Us

Drilmatic Engineering & Energy Ltd is a Kenyan incorporated company. The company’s aim is to be a regional leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) service provider with expert knowledge and experience in providing innovative Geosynthetic related products and services, project management services and construction management services to various industries across 11 countries in Sub Saharan Africa

Our Product Portfolio

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These materials can be put together with different materials and configurations mainly for the applications of road construction and pavement rehabilitation.



Geogrids are high tension polymeric meshes mainly used for soil reinforcement applications

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Geotextiles are permeable fabrics mainly used for providing functions of separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection or drainage in civil engineering applications


Erosion and Sediment Control

To solve soil erosion and sediment dispersion problems in various site conditions


Geotextile Bags, Tubes &Containers

These products can be widely applied for coastal protection, sludge treatment, dredging to obtain significant engineering, economic and ecological benefits.

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Fabricated by multiple pieces of highly engineered geotextiles (ACETex®) and robust stitching, these geotextile containers in multi-dimensions can formed, including small-scale geotextile bags


Drainage & Lining 

The passage of water or other liquids is crucial for most civil structures, such as retaining walls, roads, landfills, reservoirs, canals, dams and banks

Our Services

Design & Engineering

A team of Engineers involved from feasibility, design and throughout the construction process

Geosynthetic Materials Manufacturers

Geosynthetic materials manufacturers

Project Management

World class project managers guided by sophisticated software modelling tools 

Customised Geosynthetic Fabrication

Drilmatic now has the capability to fabricate Geosynthetic materials based on project parameters 

Construction & Support

Construction & Support

Equipment Leasing 

Drilmatic has designed innovative business models around leasing to allow your organisation to focus your cash flow where it matters the most at each stage of construction 




Road design & Construction solutions

We offer solutions such as rural road widening for traffic capacity expansion, foundation stabilisation for roadways or viaduct construction and abutment construction for vehicle and pedestrian bridge access.


Waterfront Protection  Solutions 

We specialise in coastal engineering, including inland reclamation, harbor construction, estuary improvement, marine dredging and coastline protection, various marine and coastal structures, from seawalls, revetments, groynes to breakwaters. 


Earth Stabilisation Solutions 

Whether your requirement is in mechanically stabilised earth  structures that provide hilly slope protection or foundation improvement systems that provide soft soil enhancement, Drilmatic has the capacity and technical know how to deliver in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way 


Exploration Solutions 

Our solutions are focused on   developing solutions suitable for road stabilisation, dust control, platform construction, mineral transport and environmental remediation across exploration sites across 11 countries in Africa


Other Geosynthetic Solutions 

We have a myriad of other solutions that use complex and well engineered geosynthetic solutions

Meet the Change Makers


Chege Kiragu,

Chief Operating Officer ,

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Mara St Clair

Technical Manager


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Eric Ngigi

Chief Financial Officer 

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Stephen Kiarie

Chief Executive Officer,


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Amie Wang

General Manager,

ACE Geosynthetics

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Victor Ibrahim

Africa Regional Director,
ACE Geosynthetics 

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